Choosing The Right Deep Sea Fishing Charter For You

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21 September, 2017

When choosing the right deep sea fishing charter for you there are a lot of factors to consider. The charter must be professional, reputable, and meet your specific needs. You need to decide exactly what you want to achieve on your trip before going out to sea. Start by considering what kind of experience you want including inshore fishing, wreck and reef, or a charter to specifically target tarpon, billfish, or specific species. These factors depend on where in the world you are fishing. The options for a deep-sea charter are different in the Gulf of Mexico than they are in North Carolina. 

Choosing the right deep sea fishing charter for you also depends on your level. Some charters cater to a novice fisherman while others are meant for someone with experience. The best thing of the abundance of charter is you can find one for any level. They all have different specialties including beginners, families, experienced anglers, and trolling options. Some of the charter boats in Southern Florida offer trolling in the fall and spring and provide the opportunity to hunt for fish including dolphins and redfish for six hours. 

When you are experienced but do not have all the necessary equipment, high speed trolling is an excellent choice for your own expedition. In the summer, you can go after bigger game fish including yahoo, sailfish, and bull dolphin. When you start looking for a charter ask the captain questions and find out exactly what he can offer. When the adventure does not fit your specific needs, you are wasting your time and money. Most charter services are very open about the different services they offer so you can make the determination which charter is best for your needs. 

Depending on your experience level money is an important factor. You need to come to a satisfactory agreement on how much you are willing to pay to take the trip. Consider the size of the boat and how many people it can hold. For the average price of $200 to $400 you can use a small boat that can hold two to four people. The larger boats are excellent for a trip lasting the entire day with the average price at $900 to $1200. The reputation of the charter will be a factor in the price they charge. 

The best advice is to play it safe and select a charter run by experienced individuals with a reputation for quality. Some of the charters are shady and they will try to get you to purchase their services. The most efficient way to check a charters reputation is to talk to the individuals in the area and ask the locals for their recommendations. Check with the people at the bait shops, the docks, and in the marinas. Another option is your hotel because they may have a charter service they use and recommend to their guests. Interview the captains of the charters and learn about the individual you will be spending time with during the trip. This is an excellent way to establish the reputation of the charter.